Please Help


The first place all can help is in adding data.

The data in the database at present is fairly complete up to 1999. More years need to be added.

The data is only simplified but future plans include adding specialist data and upgrading the programme to handle this.


To help select a single country for display and Export the data then use your favourite spreadsheet to add more years of data. When complete email to me so i can add the data. If you wish to be credited with adding the data tell me and your name will be added after the country download entry. 

Clubs and Societies

If you represent a club or society consider adopting a country of interest and producing a list of stamps for that country. Keep in mind the future where variations such as watermark, perforation, paper, gum and errors etc will be included.

As for individual help a link to your society will be included


Images are the life blood of any stamp inventory software. These can easily be assigned to stamp data in the programme but they do take up quite a lot of hhard drive space. In my recent experience having images ready to download exceeds the download limit of the hosting service I can afford every month.

I have 20,000 plus images allready assigned to the stamp data which can be downloaded. I will make these available on a rotation basis through the DropBox service. Each time I will anounce these on the forum.

The ideal would be if anyone can help with web space from where collectors can easily download compressed files of images to import to the programme.  I can zip up my images as is for inclusion straight away. In the future if programme users can upload zip files of images they have assigned for other collectors would be a dream.

Catalogue Files

The programme can mimic any catalogue but this needs the entry of quite a lot of data from each catalogue. The data is the Catalogue number, Mint value, Used value, the series title and the sort order for that catalogue. These can all be entered into the programme. 

After they have been entered the catalogue can be exported any user obtaining a copy of this exported file can import this into their copy of the programme and instantly have access to these catalogue details.

This means that many collectors can work on the same catalogue entries making the work a lot lighter.

If you can enter your favourite catalogue details and submit I will provide catalogue downloads on the website. 

Web Site design

As you can tell from this website my website design skills on a scal of 1 to 10 are just about creeping up to 1 if I am lucky.

If anyone can create a website for the project i will be eternally gratefull.


I believe this is a valiant effort to have a stamp catalogue and inventory system there is still more to do. Some things have probably not even occurred to me so everyone can help with ideas for extending the programme.

A couple of ideas at present are:-

1. Provide an album export utility to other album page design software such as AlbumEasy. This will allow the basic album to be produced and then the user can use AlbumEasy to modify and improve. Other Album production software?

2. Provide an onscreen perforation gauge.

Other ideas allways welcome on the forum.

The programme is written in PureBasic and the database uses the Sqlite database engine. If you can programme as well as collecting stamps then I will help with any of the above ideas or any future ideas collectors have.

Posted on February 2018 by William Atkin