World Stamp Collector Downloads

The World Stamp Collector application is installed and updated by one cental application the WSCSetup application.

The world Stamp Collector setup application is a central user interface to download and install the components of the World Stamp Collector application and any future updates.

The application has only one form:-

WSCSetup Main form

Each of the checkboxes refer to a different component of the World Stamp Collector application.

After downloading and running for the first time you will need to click the Maiin Application, Help Files and Database options, after ensuring that each of these is selected clicking the Ok button will download each of the components and install them.

On Windows the Main Application creates a folder 'World Stamp Collector' on your main drive usualy "C:\" from where you can run the world collector.

On the Mac the download is a .dmg file which will be mounted and the application copied to your applications folder.

On both operating systems a folder  'World Stamp Collector' will be created in your documents folder which is where all data including images etc. are held.

The databases and help files wil be installed in this folder.

The main use of the application is to allow you to apply selective updates.

As new portions of the application are released, for example more images have been added or more data added to the database you only need to select the portions that require updateing and not everything, cutting down the time it takes to update world collector on your computer.

Before downloading be aware that malware scanners etc will flag the application as malware simply because the application holds 32 internet addresses from which the application and data are downloaded.

For  MACosx download:-


and for windows download:-