Album Page Designer

This part of the program allows you to edit individual album pages.


The main form, shown above with a page from and Abu Dhabi album gives access to all the features.

You can add shapes, text and images to the page as you wish. It is not limited to producing a single page but will hold all pages from a single album for all to be edited together.

Each of the shapes and text can be edited.

As an example selecting a piece of text then right clicking displays the text properties box above where the text, font , position, size and alignment can be edited. Only single line text at the moment but you can add as many lines as you wish.

This is the Shape properties box and allows the position size and colour of the shape to be edited.

You are also not restricted to the simple box and circle, though these give rectangles and oval shapes etc, but you can design your own.

Using the shape designer you can add your own shape save it and then add this to the album page.
When you are ready to print selecting print preview shows you how the page will look when printed.

You can select to print just a single page or multiple pages if you do not want to print the whole album allowing you to make changes to a single page in an album.

Albums created in the Quick Album program can be exported to the Album Page Designer for editing.

Posted in March 2015 by William Atkin