Defining Stamp Album Pages

I have written this article to attempt to gather together the options available to any collector who wishes to print their own album pages.

Do It Yourself

When broken down to the basics stamp album pages are simply collections of boxes and text on a page. There are many programs on the market that will produce these pages. Some are very expensive, running into hundreds of pounds and other are fairly cheap, costing just a few tens of pounds.
With these programs it is possible to design some very beautiful stamp album pages with exactly the text and boxes required on the page by the collector on the correct sized paper for the printer. Even custom page sizes can be accommodated. The major disadvantage of this approach is the tedium involved when building large albums. Every page has to be designed from scratch and can take hours of hard work. The other disadvantage is the initial cost of the editing program. An expensive program usually has many features to help with the design but, is expensive while cheaper versions have less features to help. The designer must also have the size of every stamp to be included in the album to hand when defining the boxes on the page, not a small task on its own.

The Predefined Stamp Album Page

There are many versions of predefined album pages on the internet, some free and some available for a small payment. These are usually in PDF format and once downloaded can simply be printed using Adobe Reader.
The advantage of predefined stamp album pages is their simplicity, just download and print, however, you are usually stuck with the page size chosen for the album page and this can produce some weird results if as an example you print a page designed for letter sized paper on A4. The resultant page may be squashed or stretched and will pull the stamp boxes out of shape. Another disadvantage is that you are stuck with the page designers view of the stamps in the album. It is not possible to add more or change the order of the stamps on the page. Recently some programs have become available to edit some pages but these can become very tedious when you wish to edit every box on several pages.

The World Collector

World Collecto has invented the idea of predefined stamp albums to overcome some of the disadvantages associated with both of the above.

The predefined album is simply a list of stamps in sets that can then be dynamically placed on a chosen page size. The predefined album can be shared between users of the program in much the same manner as predefined album pages but has the advantage that the collector tells the album the page size when printing the album. This allows albums to be printed on many different sized papers.

Also using the World Collector series of programs from World Collector
the collector can add or take away stamps from the album and change the order in which the stamps are organised. Albums can range from single pages to multiple pages.

The software will also export the album to a page designer, where the album can be further modified. This takes the strain out of designing your own album pages from scratch.
Designing new albums could not be easier. Simply entering the title required for the album then the set titles and adding stamps from the database to the sets. Once a new album is defined in this way it can then be shared with friends and collectors who use the program to print their own version of the album.

Posted in March 2015 by William Atkin