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Main Program Download

To get started first download the main program. Then unzip into a directory/folder named World Collector, this can be on any accessible drive on you computer. Navigate to this new folder and run the world collector.exe file by double clicking on it. There is no installation required and all files needed by most computers are in the zip file. I use this to stop me having to uninstall and the program then does not need to update the registry etc so impact on the computer running the software is minimal. Any problems then click on the william atkin link below to email me with a description of the problem and I will attempt to resolve it.

Once running the program creates folders for Albums, databases, Images and help.

This download comes with one database the World Collector. If you need other databases and they are available they are listed below with download links

Programme has been updated and now supports just one database with all stamp data inside. There are also new ColNect features added to allow the collector to search the online ColNect database and download images for stamps where the colnectID is known. Really worth visiting the Colnect website

Check back regularly for database updates etc.

World Collector Main Download Version 7.1.1    April 2015

Program changes

Help files not displaying.    Fixed
Stamp Identifier not working    Fixed
Could Not Add new catalogue    fixed

New Features
Space Filler checkbox added
This allows you to indicate where you have space fillers in your collection. these take no part in valuation reports etc unless you also indicate in the Have Or Want boxes that you wish to find one of these.

Colnect Support Added
Basic Colnect search enabled based on country and year of issue with export to Excell spreadsheet(if you have excell installeds). Images for stamps can also be downloaded and stored easily for the world collector. Rubbish icons but these will be improved as soon as possible. At present there is a "protected catalogue" on the system labelled Colnect. Where I have found the colnect catalogue ID I have entered this in the box and it will be displayed when selecting any stamp to which it is assigned.

My Collection catalogue added
This catalogue can be used to enter your data such as how much you have paid for a particular stamp. Give the Catalogue number a relevant number or text which is meaningfull to yourself and enter the values. You can then search for these items as with any normal catalogue and produce a valuation report showing how much you have paid for your collection.

All help files and manuals are now included in the download

World Collector.exe is seen by some anti virus programmes as a virus. This is due to the splash screen starting the main process. I have reported this to AVG and await their response. Ensure that you allow this in AVG as if the threat is removed you can no longer add the world collector.exse file to that folder.

orld Collector Main Download Version 8.0.0    July 2015.

Quick Album Download

The quick Album portion of the programme can be downloaded separetly as updates can then be applied. If you have allready downloaded the world collector then you can download the Quick album portion when updated. If you have an earlier version of world collector then download this and unZip to your world collector directory where it will replace the version of Quick Album in place.

Quick Album Download        April 2015     Export to MS Word document added.

Programme Manuals

Included in the main download only download if you wish to see the programme capabilities or if a newer version is indicated.

Main Program Manual          Updated April 2012

Quick Album Manual            Updated April 2012

Album Designer Manual        Updated April 2012

Image Viewer Manual          Updated April 2012

Posted in April 2015 by William Atkin