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Main Program Download

To get started first download the main program. Then unzip into a directory/folder named World Collector, this can be on any accessible drive on you computer. Navigate to this new folder and run the world collector.exe file by double clicking on it. There is no installation required and all files needed by most computers are in the zip file. I use this to stop me having to uninstall and the program then does not need to update the registry etc so impact on the computer running the software is minimal. Any problems then click on the william atkin link below to email me with a description of the problem and I will attempt to resolve it.

Once running the program creates folders for Albums,Catalogue and Exports in your home folder.
 The album definition files need to be copied from the zip to the Album Definition folder ready for use.

Windows 64 Bit only
World Stamp Collector 3.0
  April 2018

Specialist fields added
Spell Checker dded
Stamp Examiner added
Update checker added
Extra stamp data added

Stamp Data

A Zip File with all the stamp data as CSV files
These are not needed if you run the programme. Each can be exported from the programme at any time.

Stamp Images

Album Definitions

Album definition Files for Use With album designer

A4 Size PDF Album Files

Posted in February 2018 by William Atkin