Quick Album Builder

The Quick Album Builder is used to produce simple albums quickly and easily. The program supports the production of album pages on all the main paper sizes and also on custom sized paper if your printer and windows version will support this.

The program produces simple album pages and is not a full blown page design application. If you require this then take a look at the Album Page Designer. package.

Main Form

Main Form

The main screen of the Album Designer is shown above and shows the selected album definition in a tree view format with the edit areas for the set titles and stamp data to the left.

At the top of the tree view is the album title this is used on album pages as the main title on each page and can be edited by simply clicking on the title with the mouse and changing the title text. The next level of the tree is the set titles these are added to the pages in the order shown in the tree view. The last level in the tree view is the stamp data. The stamps under the set title are the stamps associated with the set.

When a stamp is selected for editing by clicking the stamp description in the tree view its data is loaded into the editing area. If an image is associated with the stamp the image filename is also shown. An image filename here does not mean that it will be automatically incorporated into the album. The Include Image check box must also be checked.

Stamp Images

Select Image Dialog

To select an image for inclusion in the database you browse for the image by clicking the Browse button - this shows the picture browse dialogue.

This dialogue allows you to move through your computer to locate an image to be used in the album. Only jpg files are supported at present. Once a valid image is found it is displayed on the right side of the dialogue for you to check. If this is the correct image then click Ok and the image filename will be added to the stamp data. Clicking change in the stamp data window will then add this new information to the album definition on screen.

The shape of the space to be left for the stamp can also be selected here and changed. Triangle, squares, pentagons, hexagons, circles and more are supported

Page Sizes

Page Setup

You can select a page design from the ones already defined or build your own selecting paper sizes from the supported paper sizes of your printer. Included in the help file are directions for producing custom sizes on your printer through Windows XP which, after being defined can be selected  as the basis for your page design. You can then set the margins around the page and stamps, whether to print a border and how many of the title lines you wish to appear on the finished page. Any of the styles can be selected as the default page style so no need to keep defining the same page for each session.

Printing The Pages

Album Preview

Once all the data is entered producing the album is simple. Select File|Preview from the menu system and the album will be produced in the album preview window. This allows you to view the album as it will be printed zooming in or out as you wish. Once you are happy with the album you can print the pages from within the preview screen or return to the main form and export the album to the Album Page Designer for further editing.

Quick Album uses an album definition file to store the definition of the album. These files can be easily and freely exchanged with users of the program.

Posted on April 2012 by William Atkin