All downloads are zip files.

If you need album examples then download the specialised or quick albums required and unzip into the albums folder these can then be edited and printed useing the page designer or quick album parts of the main program.

The stamp images can also be downloaded. The file names of the images are significant. Download the images that you want then unzip into the  \Iimages folder. Once in this folder they become available to the program and will display on the detail screen when stamp data relating to that image is selected.

If everything is downloaded and used the program with images and database takes up about 3 giga bytes of disc space. I prefer to place all of the program, images and data on a usb stick. this way I can move from computer to computer taking all my stamp and collection data with me. this also makes for easy backup. Simply copy the whole stick contents onto another drive or usb stick and backup is complete.

Sorry to all. My website has a download limit of 30GB per month and due to the demand has been suspended once and is close again so I have had to break the links to the resources. Need to keep costs down as this is a free programme.

If you can help by hosting images or albums etc then please contact me.

I will renabled these links at the start of each month.


William Atkin

Posted in March 2015 by William Atkin